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Educational Farm - La Cicala e La Formica
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At the farm with Sergio

An educational farm is the ideal environment to allow the child to establish a “true” contact with nature and the agricultural world.

It is precisely the farmer, who lives the peasant reality daily, the most suitable figure to transmit the love for the earth and at the same time stimulate the curiosity of the children. Considering also that the school is one of the privileged agencies to train the citizen and instill healthy values, this initiative is also an opportunity to establish a union between the agricultural and educational sectors.

The farm is pleased to host its visitors in an old farm farmhouse, but recently restored, surrounded by large green areas, where they are cultivated different varieties of vegetables and cereals
In addition, the farm has:
• Safe and indoor spaces, with heating and air conditioning;
• Delimited spaces where the little guests can play and / or consume the snack in complete safety;
• Sanitary facilities suitable for different ages and for disabled people.

Purposes of the visit

It is important to underline that our teaching activities do not follow fixed patterns, since responding to the needs of the child is one of our primary objectives.
• Raise awareness among young people of the agricultural world;
• Learning to respect the surrounding environment;
• To know the transformation of the work of the fields from the past to the present;
• Understand the importance of proper nutrition and the origin of primary foods;
• Discover the importance of the farm to understand the link between environment, agriculture, food and health;
• To favor moments of socialization in new environments and situations.

Our Teaching Activities

At the base of our educational proposal are the principles of active pedagogy, to enable the little guests to learn by doing.
Our proposals:

We discover together how we lived and worked in the farming world at the time of our grandparents, after a short narration of some anecdotes of everyday life children will have clothes of the time to “pretend to be a peasant family and can try their hand at preparation of a typical peasant lunch and in the construction of some tools with recycled material.

Let’s find out what they are and where the different types of cereals are born. Possibility of visiting the cereal farms in the open field.

We learn to distinguish the different flours and their function.
We prepare the bread and create many different forms.

Walk in the vegetable garden to learn how to recognize the different species of
vegetables and aromatic plants. At the end of the visit the children can choose a seed to be planted in a jar and take it away so that the cultivation experience can continue at home or at school.

The children will discover the processes of cooking, maceration and dyeing of the fabrics using the flowers and the peels of the vegetables. At the end of the workshop the children will bring their naturalistic painting home.

Program of a day at the farm

9,30 / 10: 00 Arrival at the farm and small presentation

10:15 am Beginning of the teaching activities previously agreed with the teachers based on the age and needs of the children;

12.00 / 13.30 Packed lunch

13.30 Continuation of teaching activities;

3.30 pm Greeting with snack

The farm has the capacity to accommodate about 50 children.
The program of the day can be modified at the request of the teachers and in relation to the weather and seasonal trends for the activities in the open field. Some activities can be carried out inside the farm in case of bad weather.
It is advisable to choose an activity for half a day and two for the whole day.

Ask for availability

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