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History - La Cicala e La Formica
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The history of this farm, located in Villafranca, in the Forlivese countryside, and of the seventeenth-century villa that is part of it, comes from very far away; in fact the purchase of the property dates back to 1812 when the lawyer. Tommaso Ceccarelli, a businessman, moved to Forlì from Rome to administer the assets of large local families. Later it was the son Giovanni that followed the agricultural management of the farms in sharecropping that then passed to his heir Giunio Ceccarelli.

Giunio dedicated himself exclusively to the management of the company living in the family villa and also developing a flourishing activity of conservation and marketing of local products, peas artichokes and particularly truffles, which led him to extend his trade up to the United States and on April 10, 1894, he won the Silver Medal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce for the perfect conservation of truffles on the occasion of the Wine and Food Substances Competition Fair in the provinces of Forlì and Ravenna.

Sergio Ceccarelli, son of art, as well as current owner, continuing the tradition started by his great-grandfather, has decided to combine the traditional cultivation of cereals and vegetables with the production of onion-based preserves. From the raw material cultivated with cutting-edge techniques and respecting the environment, the Ceccarelli family produces delicious preserves with the addition of ingredients from organic farming. The products obtained are particularly tasty and suitable for delicious combinations.
This innovation represents an added value to the activity of cultivation, conservation and marketing of local products that earned the silver medal of the ministry of agriculture, industry and commerce to the founding great-grandfather.

From the earth to the table, “an onion preserve in the sign of tradition and refinement”.
From the raw material grown in the fertile Romagna plains with cutting-edge cultivation techniques and with respect for the environment, preserves are made with the addition of ingredients from organic farming and the precious sea salt of the Cervia saltworks.

The products obtained contain high percentages of raw materials and are particularly tasty and suitable for delicious pairings.
And so it will be forever!

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